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AC Musette


Taste the archival rainbow.
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Holiday Vibes

New Poler gear has been popping up on their site left and right with the holiday season setting in with more to come. New winter caps, improved one and two-man tents, and of course some awesome new packs. Today is the last day to get anything and everything for 20% off so get to it!

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Owner Operator

Owner Operator is a great little brand founded by two fella’s by the name of Steven and Peter run the whole show from New York where it’s all made. This season marks their third collection that’s full of some pretty classically styled outerwear and cold weather accessories that the two snowboarders have designed. Even their logo screams a certain old-school cool that you just can’t find in new gear. The insulated flannels are definitely my favorite pieces, but I’m also a sucker for knitted bobble caps.

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Pendleton Packs

Damn, Tracko is doing it again with these killer bags made by Archive Bags in SF. The rolltop, messenger, and backpack are decked out in cordura, waxed cotton, and of course Pendleton wool. Also, is that a Tantum bucket hat that Kyle is sporting? I’m pretty into it. Photos by Mr. John Prolly, “swoop” em here while they still last.

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Fishing by Bike

This old Sologne creel bag really peaked my interest when I saw it over at Vintage Bicycle and got me to thinking about how I could get some fishing done by bike this summer, even if only catch and release. I’d be curious if any readers have experience fishing on their bike and what kind of gear might be more preferable over others. Tenkara perhaps? Check out more photos of the creel bag (and bike) here.


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I have quite a few parkas hanging up at home but chose to highlight these two because of the fact that they’re lined, the Holubar with wool and the Penfield with what seems to be cotton. Both are made from a 60/40 cotton-nylon fabric pioneered by Sierra Designs in their parkas- also in my parka stash but I think you’ve probably seen enough pictures of those if you frequent blogs like this one.  Continue reading


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Altadena Works

California based Altadena Works will be adding a couple new packs to their line this winter; the high volume Knapsack which can take lash-on side pockets and a smaller daypack called the Ventura Pack which is the only one of their packs that isn’t leather-bottomed. The Knapsack reminds me of an old Gerry pack I’ve seen before, but surely the Altadena version is more durable because it’s new and made with some serious materials. All four of Altadena’s packs are made with heavyweight cordura, Horween leather, military spec webbing, and metal hardware. Oldschool aesthetics with quality materials, what’s not to like?

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Hütte Magazine


I don’t exactly recall I how found this magazine, but I like it. After a little digging (a post on Ridge) I found out that it’s aimed at a female audience, that much is unclear from these spreads though. From what I can tell it seems a little less fashion driven than other Japanese outdoor magazines like Go Out but not by much. The major difference between Hütte, German for cabin, and Go Out seems to be that Hütte is less mountain street style and more mountain style on the mountain. Either way, the photography is very nice- that’s Kasane Nogawa on the cover issue 3 pictured at the top. Perhaps the writing is good too, but I can’t read Japanese. See some more sample spreads here.

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