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Classic Heavy Duty




Recent issues of Free & Easy cataloging all the best classic outdoor gear and apparel, gooood stuff.

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South 2 West 8: Fish and Bike




Of all the places I would expect to see a fat bike appear a look book for Nepenthes brand South 2 West 8 is not at all one of them. But, maybe this all makes a lot of sense for the brand which focuses on rugged outdoor packs and some apparel. This is not the first time I’ve thought about fishing and cycling together. I actually really like the idea of combining bikes with other sports, for instance the collaboration between Rocky Mountain and Surface was interesting though I don’t totally get what you’re supposed to do with your bike once you strap on your skis.. Cycling and fishing however- excellent stuff.  The appearance of Tenkara rods of course is no surprise, both because of its Japanese origin and compact/minimal nature. View the whole look book here as well as their ongoing Fish and Bike journal.

Suggested reading: Fishing by Bike

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Snow Peak FW14




The Japanese titanium enthusiasts at Snow Peak have designed a line of apparel that compliments the company’s hard goods well reputed for its minimal design and quality. I was happy to see the collection in person recently but seeing it styled and on models is a totally different way to appreciated it. Pockets, pop-overs, quilted insulation, and approachable uses of technical fabrics.. good things are coming. See more previews of the collection here (spork not included) .

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Tilak, Klattermusen, & Wild Things from Haruta.

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MHL Snaps

fs_mhl_mart_vol2_11_2-thumb-533x800-145986 fs_mhl_mart_vol2_01_2-thumb-533x800-145967 fs_mhl_mart_vol2_05_2-thumb-533x800-145975

Street snaps from MHL Community Mart in Tokyo, more good stuff here.


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Lifecycling: Takahiro Goko




Lifecycling visits the home of Takahiro Goko- collector and owner of Swimsuit Department, a retail store that exists online and through trunk shows. Prior to Swimsuit Department Mr. Goko worked with some notable Japanese brands including United Arrows and Landscape Products Co. The interview is a good read especially for those interested in “things” both old and new. His blog is one of my favorite places on the internet to see “things”, highly recommended.

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Journal Standard Fall 2012

With the start of a new season I always look forward to the Journal Standard lookbooks; always a nice selection of goods as well as styling and photography. Check out the men’s catalog here and/or the lengthier ladies catalog here. Oh, and don’t forget about all the other lines that fall under the Journal Standard umbrella, they’re all here too.

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Journal Standard Spring

Pages pulled from both men’s and women’s Spring Journal Standard catalogs, lots of great styling of Breton stripes, madras plaids, and all those other Spring things I like. If you’ve been following this blog or my tumblr you probably already know I’ve got a thing for Journal Standard and all the sub-lines that it entails, check  out the rest at Baycrews.

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