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Scenes From Nittany

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West America

West America is a Portland duo comprised of Jordan Hufnagel of Hufnagel Cycles and James Crowe of Crowe Metal Co whom not only share a shop for their respective crafts but are also bringing their design and fabrication skills together.  They’ve worked together to produce some outdoor kitchen items like a folding grill and collapsing skewer as well some handsome soft goods with illustrations by Caleb Owen Everitt. They’ll be heading to South America on their motorcycles in the future for an epic trip so be sure to watch the site for more news about that! Good luck guys.

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Rapha Gentlemens’ Race

Photographs by Chris Milliman from the New England Rapha Gentlemens’ Race- a rugged 105 mile ride with plenty of dirt and gravel. Read/watch/look here.

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Saturdays Magazine

Saturdays first issue of their magazine is looking pretty good with a clean layout and equally pleasing photography. 290 pages and not a single ad- pure content. Pick up a copy from their web shop.

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Old Fishing Photos

It’s nice when the title of a blog really delivers, if you like what you see follow along here. Oh, and happy fathers day.

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Spring at Trove General

I took a visit out to the Trove General Store to check out what they’ve got out for Spring, I was really into the LVC pieces they had in store and may very well have to go back for one of those striped tee’s. Read on for more photos.  Continue reading

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Rock Hammer Hard On

Old pictures of guys on rocks, not much else to say besides that but it’s a good “+” to hit, follow here.

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The Lively Morgue

The above images are scans from the backsides of photographs in the New York Times’ photo archive posted on their new photo blog titled The Lively Morgue. Printed, stamped, and scribbled on the rear of the photos are records of publishing dates, captions, and other internal notes. The blog does post the front of the photograph incase you were wondering, but I found the backsides equally interesting as the life of the image within the Times can be traced through these notes. A full explanation of the backside notes can be found on the bottom of this page of the blog.

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