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Max Saved Latin

You too can be Max Fischer, the golden boy of style and wit with an abundance of extracurricular activities. Details and inspiration film stills after the jump.

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I’ve never been one to really appreciate hippie music but I’ve been addicted to the soundtrack from Zabriskie Point, a film made by Michelangelo Antonioni who was also responsible for Blow Up (also with a great soundtrack by The Yardbirds and Herbie Hancock). The track listing is heavy on Pink Floyd and Gerry Garcia but the bonus improvised tracks are what are really special. Turn on, tune in, and drop out.

The love scene featuring Gerry doing his thing, and some earthy lovers doing theirs.

both French and English lp covers, I prefer the French ofcourse…

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Flat Track Racing

Going flat out and sliding at it’s finest. A motor sport that requires a hefty pair and the technical know-how. I’d like to see one of these races in person as the sport seems to be making mainstream comeback. Maybe finally the world is tired of throwing around (drifting) Japanese cars on tarmac with the horrible screeching and smoke, in opposition to the beautiful custom bikes of flat track and the flying dirt that ensues.

Flat Track Yamaha

Here’s a clip from 1971 On Any Sunday directed by Bruce Brown, the same man who brought the world Endless Summer. Check out the angle of the front wheel that’s counter-steering the slide, all at 80mph.

If you’re lucky enough to live in UK or the rest of Europe you should check out The Complete Book of Flat Track Racing which is being distributed by Sideburn Magazine.

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