Quoddy for… Urban Outfitters?

Wow so, I’m not even totally sure how I feel about this. I am all for supporting Quoddy because they’re handmade American products that are also quality and handsome as hell. I guess my biggest question is why would you buy them from UO when you can buy them directly from Quoddy or support a great retailer like South Willard for the same price? I am also all for the growth of a great company (so long as they don’t start outsourcing labor) but am also somewhat questionable of the quality since they must be pumping out so much product to stock each of the many UO stores.


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3 responses to “Quoddy for… Urban Outfitters?

  1. I had a similar reaction, but I doubt they’re stocking these in all stores…I really hope not at least. Your questioning of quality control would be totally justified at that point.

  2. homeskillet

    If you’re doubting quality control (and the possible out-sourcing of labor), then sounds like your problem is with Quoddy’s ability to handle large orders, not with UO selling them.

    And you would buy these from UO because of the exclusive colorways, if you’re into that sort of thing… nerdy completist shoe collecting.

    I agree with Teppei, I would assume these are only going to some stores (if any).

    Do you have a similar beef with J.Crew?

    Maybe next will be Quoddy for American Eagle. In the short term, no harm done for Quoddy, except a dissolved/destroyed brand reputation. They will make $ from these orders; money needed after many core customers bailed when Quoddy doubled their prices. But what will happen when these companies (J.Crew, UO, etc) don’t re-up their order because “heritage brands” and “Americana” aren’t cool anymore? Then Quoddy will be left screwed; no core customers left and no hipster brands left writing checks.

    • Bob

      The comparison to J Crew is fair, only their most exclusive stores (liquor, mens) carry their exclusive collaborations so I would say that it would make sense if only very few UO stores carried these.


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