Salute Your Shorts

According to the current forecast the weekend should bring some weather worthy of a pair of shorts. Some guys pretend like they’re too cool and wear pants all year while some people just look really funny in a pair of shorts. I’m pretty excited to be able to wear shorts and feel the wind on my legs while biking on a spring day, here’s a few things that will help me accomplish just that.

+ Levi’s Cord shorts for Opening Ceremony
+ Penfield oxford shorts
+ Pendelton for Opening Ceremony – Just got a pair of these, can’t wait to wear them! The plaid can be cuffed very subtly or all the way as are tattooed model friend is showing us. Also the belt is actually part of the short and has a bit of velcro on it.
+ LL Bean Signature cord shorts – digging those mini cargo snap pockets.

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