Tokyo Camera Style

Perhaps one of my favorite tumblr blogs out there is run by an ex-pat Nebraskan living in Japan who has an affinity for beautiful film cameras. Check out pages upon pages of cameras that I would love to own.. Tokyo Camera Style


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3 responses to “Tokyo Camera Style

  1. This is definitely one of my favourites too … I blame it for my current lust over a Mamiya 6 or 7ii.

    • Bob

      i too lust for a Mamiya 7, but a Leica sounds like such a good idea too.. for so much more money!

      • Specifically a Black Paint model I presume? I definitely dream about Leicas too, but I’m on a 6×6 and 6×7 kick at the moment. So many cameras, so little money. As an aside, I just picked up a Pentax Spotmatic SP and a Minolta SRT 100b that I’m pretty stoked about.


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