New House Old Things

In the next couple months I’ll be moving into a new apartment so I’ve been getting some ideas about what exactly I intend to put in it. Objects and furnishings found from: Hawkeye + Trapper, Mission2Modern Design, Severely Vintage, & Sit and Read.


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3 responses to “New House Old Things

  1. We’re getting a new place in July. It’ll be great to start fresh. Plus I’ll have room for more junk (aka inventory)!

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your new diggs.

  2. thegifthorse

    loving the blog. FYI, I saw a guy with a bunch of those coffee table/ warehouse carts (on the bottom) at Brimfield and he was selling them for $150. Get there.

    • Bob

      That’s actually a good price for a factory carts, perhaps I can make it out for the show in September. Thanks for the tip!


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