Ebay finds that I haven’t had the courage/wallet to bid on, the last from Ready For The House.. but for now I am content with my more modern but less rugged pack.


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3 responses to “teardrops

  1. You need to save up for one of these. So beautiful. Stop sleeping!!

  2. Hilltop Al

    I wonder if you can get the insides of old backpacks re-waterproofed? That inner coating (which is good to have, mainly because it ensures forgotten fruit in the bag only ruins what’s in the bag, and not my furniture!) tends to flake off after 15 years.

    • Bob

      i’ve noticed such flaking of waterproofing layers in older packs like bark on a tree. most outdoor stores stock a variety of waterproofing agents so perhaps one of those would work but i imagine you’d want to completely remove the old layer first.


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