shapes and sizes

Vintage daypacks from Bridge of Sapporo, they’ve got quite a collection of them as well as boots, parkas, fleeces, everything! Must have been an interesting time when these companies were so experimental with their designs, walk into any store today and you’d be hard pressed to find gear this fun.


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6 responses to “shapes and sizes

  1. amazing. very well done. my packs off to you, sir.

  2. CWW

    Rad post! The orange Jansport with the off center pocket wins. BTW- glad you like The Sawyer Cabinet Co. I thought I saw somewhere that you are located in Philadelphia? I live in Pt Richmond. Small world(that is if you do live in Phil). Take ‘er easy.

  3. Alan

    The Gerry was the first good pack I bought. I now have nearly all the above in my basement.

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