The Wagoneer

Beautiful and functional machines pre-dating today’s monsters. Produced from 1963 to ’91 and dubbed the ‘Grand’ Wagoneer after ’84. The last specimen is an ’89 customized by Tommy Hilfiger in honor of his 25th anniversary that was auctioned this past November for charity. The custom ’89 was also featured in Hilfiger’s FW10 marketing campaign ‘Meet the Hilfigers’ including this spot and moving lookbook [making of] answering the age old question: how many preps can you fit into a Jeep Wagoneer?

Wildwood – Willys Overland
Unabashedly Prep – Meet The Hilfigers
The Wagonmaster – fully restored Wagoneer’s and Overland’s


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3 responses to “The Wagoneer

  1. i’ve been dreaming of one of these forever. i guess our ’96 cherokee will do for now though. (it’s still way cool)

  2. They are great to look at, but stay away from the last 10 years or so, they were mechanical mongrels.

  3. Brent Kintzing

    I have a dream of driving across country with a Wagoneer pulling an Airstream with my best friend, Rue, my 4 yr old Golden and a beach cruiser to get about town once I drop anchor… Anyone have any great cross country suggestions or advice… i am sooo tempted to pick up and GoGoGO….


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