Very Very Quiet

A fellow Philadelphian and a nice understated place to look at things.


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3 responses to “Very Very Quiet

  1. sweetsweetdrew

    ack. the divine lorraine hotel! i lived down the street at 814 n. broad years ago. haven’t been back since. always wondering what’s happened around there….

  2. Fairmount Ave. is getting spruced up a bit, new houses. Unfortunately the Lorraine is still a project too big for anyone to take on right now

  3. I live around the corner on 12th street, you can see the Divine Lorraine from my roof deck. Lotta new houses going up on the East side of Broad which is nice as the area needed some new development. Additionally, Steven Starr just signed on to do a huge project at Broad and Mt. Vernon Street, about 2-3 blocks south. Should be pretty great.


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