Tommy Rebel aka REBEL SC is something of a legend in New York City and the somewhat underground subcultures of graffiti and vintage gear collecting. I was first drawn to Rebel after seeing pictures of box trucks he had painted in New York in the 80’s and mid 90’s. To me, these trucks epitomized that era of graffiti and sadly I have not been able to find some of the best throws and pieces that are stuck in my mind still. Though his Brooklyn basement collection of vintage Nikes, Polo gear, and North Face’s (and so much more) is well known these pictures weren’t as easy to track down as I had initially hoped. Many years ago I recall coming across flash pictures of his basement that were similar to the few above but less posed- shoe boxes reaching ceilings and lining the walls. I’m sure there’s a lot to be said about having such a compulsive desire to collect and write your name everywhere but for now just enjoy the pictures.


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