Round 2: Levis & Filson

This year’s collaboration between Levi’s and Filson has brought some interesting pieces such as Levi’s iconic trucker jacket constructed in Filson’s Shelter Cloth with rugged details like a full sized game pocket and zippered storm flap; last year’s well-received trucker jacket in Filson’s Tin Cloth is also being offered again this season. Also worth mentioning from this collection is the Levi’s 505 jean made from Filson’s Tin Cloth, I have a pair of LVC 505’s in raw denim and the fit is great- slim in the seat and straight in the leg without being too wide. With the aid of the Tin Cloth’s ability to resist wind and water they could make for a decent winter commuting pant. All American made and available at both Levi’s and Filson.

Note: denim hunting vest may not actually be constructed with Granny Smith apples but make for a neat William Tell reference.


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2 responses to “Round 2: Levis & Filson

  1. mat

    really nice to see all the components

  2. I could do with all of these! I wonder if they’d ship to Australia


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