Birks and Socks

In the past, I would never consider owning a pair of Birkenstocks- they just aren’t for me. The more and more I see them styled by brands and shops (many Japanese) with a pair of thick socks the more it seems like something that I could go for. These are just a few good examples that I’ve come across and have me debating a pair of Boston‘s or Montana’s (less likely, too crazy) for the fall.


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9 responses to “Birks and Socks

  1. The same happens to me, years ago, whenever I saw people with socks and sandals or clogs seemed ridiculous, but now I think it can be very cool if you combine well.

  2. I’ve got two pairs of Bostons. I personally like them over the Montanas

  3. amanda

    Years ago, I spotted a very stylish Asian woman (I assumed she was Japanese, but she could be from any one of a number of stylish Asian metropolises) in a pair of green Woodby’s (Bostons, for kids, with animals on them. and I became marginally obsessed. Lucky for me, they’re very hard to get in my oafish size so I was spared the embarrassment of failing to recreate her outfit.

    I love the socks in the first image.

  4. Nice rhyme. I wore them back when it was probably when it was lame. But maybe my long locks matched my birkenstocks?

  5. Amy

    They’re incredibly comfortable with a nice thick pair of (preferably hand knit) wool socks.

  6. Adam

    My Bostons are into their 17th year and still going strong despite having been in the sea!
    I first discovered them whilst Greek island hopping 20 years ago – the Germans and Scandinavians swore by them for travelling and I was hooked.

  7. Adam

    p.s. does anyone know which jeans are in the top pic?


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