Field Report: Indigo & Cotton

One humid August afternoon I found myself in the city of Charleston, South Carolina. Though I missed visiting the city’s well known menswear shops Billy Reid and Ben Silver I was really more interested in stopping by Indigo & Cotton. Located a little ways from the downtown shopping district, Indigo & Cotton is nestled on a fairly quiet residential area which seems like an appropriate location for such a shop. I think being located in the heart of a chain store shopping district would really kill the vibe that owner Brett Carron has clearly taken some care to establish with antique furnishings and vegetation. I can’t say that I’ve been to many stores with plants in them, nor such ample natural light- whose presence made these photographs possible.

As for the merchandise, Brett only stocks quality goods: Quoddy moccasins, various Hill-Side accessories, LVC denim, Gitman Vintage shirts, and so on. Check out Indigo & Cotton’s blog where you can also see some quality photos of their current goods and pay them a visit them if you’re in town.


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3 responses to “Field Report: Indigo & Cotton

  1. bob, these are incredible shots. did you use the contax?

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