This photo popped up on my tumblroblogdashboard this past weekend and has since stuck with me. With the help of Google image search’s reverse look up I was able to track down the original source of the photo to find the subject as John Brown of Oi Polloi whose face I then recalled seeing in the never ending Deck Out look book.

Mr. Brown is, for lack of better words, killing it: waxed jacket, well-fitting chinos, and a pair of Quoddy moccasins. Oh, and of course the bike (which from the “M” on the downtube leads me to believe is a Mercian) is fitted with full fenders, a leather saddle, and leather bar tape. It’s not often I come across a street style photo where the person’s bike actually reflects the owners style but here you have it.


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4 responses to “Perfect

  1. very cool. Echo’ing Steve McQueen, I think. I will say from personal experience, those waxed field jackets are not good for road bike riding. Maybe an upright or something.

    • Bob

      For road riding definitely not, but for just around town riding they’re great on cool wet days. I own a Barbour Bedale which is much shorter and thus easier to wear on a bike, judging by the length I’d say he’s wearing a Border.

  2. If only his driveside pant leg was rolled up.

  3. markd

    Looks like a late 60s “King of Mercia” model Mercian in fact.


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