Strawfoot Musette



Garrett of Strawfoot Handmade sent over one of his musettes all from the way from Santa Cruz along with some other waxed cotton goods that I’ll get to on other posts. It’s a really simple bag based on the traditional cycling musette but made out of a medium weight waxed cotton and sturdy cotton webbing strap. Since it’s also meant for more than just feeding a hungry cyclist on a long race stage the bag also features two good sized pockets inside to keep smaller items organized. With the bag turned inside out you can get a better view of their size:


One inner pocket fits a u-lock just about perfectly, I use the other one to carry my phone, wallet, and then some. The orange waxed cotton is a nice touch and makes it a bit easier to see when you’re grabbing something. At 13″ x 11″ the bag isn’t huge but I’ve found it to be perfect for carrying a bunch of small items or one larger item like a camera. Combined with my Poler Wunder Bundler it’s a pretty great way to carry my camera from place to place.


The simple unstructured construction makes it super simple to just fold or roll the bag up to save space when not in use. I like to throw it in a saddle bag and keep it on hand in case I need to carry some extra stuff home. Grab one here!

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  1. looks really nice, I’m new to the brand


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