The T-Shirt


As simple and seemingly boring as they are, t-shirts are probably the most important piece of my wardrobe to me. Shown here are some of my favorite brands that I think put out the best tee’s out there. What makes them better than a Hanes? Fit, weight, feel, details.. pretty nit-picky for a t-shirt but hey, that’s what I wear most days so they might as well be good.



These Levi’s Vintage Clothing tee’s are the priciest of the bunch and sadly the only ones not made here in the states. Regardless of origin I think the feel of the fabric is the best of them all. LVC produces a few different shapes of tee’s but the one I’m into is the 1950’s sportswear tee. The grey one is from a previous season and fits a little slimmer than the more current red tee that has a more retro box fit to it.



Left Field proudly makes their line here in the states and their tee’s are pretty much as straight forward as it gets. Thick ribbing at the neck meets a solid ring-spun cotton body cut into a pretty regular but solid shape to fit just about everyone. At $35 a pop they’re pretty manageable and come in an array of colors. If only they had a chest pocket!



Velva Sheen was once a sportswear giant in Cincinnati producing tee’s and sweats, a quick ebay search and you’ll find tons of old graphics from the 70’s and 80’s printed on their shirts. The brand name is now owned by a new company and produced in California making plain tee’s, henley’s, sweats, and even oxford shirts. I own quite a number of their pocket crew necks, mostly because they offer the white, grey, and oatmeal (my favorite) tee’s in 2-packs.  The fabric varies from shirt to shirt- some with a 1% poly blend and others with as much as 50%. Good stuff.

Sweatshirt roundup to follow once the heat starts fading into fall.


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2 responses to “The T-Shirt

  1. Really interested in trying Velva Sheen tees, a few people have rec. them to me. Always wanted to try the LVC tees too, slightly put off by the high sleeves on a few of their versions though.


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