Spring Gear



There’s nothing like the arrival of Spring to think to yourself, “damn, I gotta get some new gear.” Whether it’s a new set of bottles, shoes, or even a whole bike (if you play your cards right) any piece of new gear is a good way to start a season of adventures.

Fairends Indigo Canvas Ball Cap
Best damn caps there are, plenty more hits in the SS15 collection but this one is gold.

Yanco Customs Handlebar Bag
Stick it on your mountain bike, stick it on your city bike, stick it on your road bike when aero is not everything.

MASH SF Agfa Bottle
Terribly clever, I only wish the Ilford 200 bottles weren’t sold out.

Giro Synthe
Light, aero, and just down right the most beautiful road helmet I think I’ve ever seen

Giro Wind Vest
A reliable wind vest (gilet if you wanna be Euro about it) that packs down neatly into it’s own attached bag. Perfect for the season where I never feel like I’m quite wearing the right layers. Comes in some handsome colors, too.

Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ
I’ve gone too long without a set of proper cycling specs, mostly because I wear prescriptions lenses and I don’t mess with contacts. Now I just need to decide on what finish I want for the lenses..

Giro Empire ACC
I almost miss winter if only just to wear my Alpineduro boots more. Any reservations I had about lace-up cycling shoes are out the door, and now I need a sleek pair of these guys for the road.

ESI Fit XC Grips
Even though it’s been over a month since I picked up a set of these from my shop I haven’t had an opportunity to actually ride them. All thanks to snow, then ice, then melting thaw, more snow, and etc. They feel great just clenching them out of the package so let’s just pray the trails dry up soon.

Manual For Speed Hey Pal Bottle
An excellent bottle from the Kasual Klub collection that MFS has masterminded, #kasualbaguette not included.

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