X-Pac is a pretty amazing material that more and more I’ve noticed pop up in all sorts of bags- bikepacking, ultralight backpacking, and even just casual every day bags. The fabric was originally developed by Dimension-Polyant as sailcloth for high performance sailing, which just so happens to translate really well for bags- it’s lightweight, abrasion resistant, and waterproof. It’s also made in the USA. Without getting too nerdy the standard weight VX07 fabric (there are several varieties)  consists of four layers made from a combination of a water-proof layer, poly ripstop, and the distinctive “X” poly fiber that runs throughout to make it super tear-resistant. Right now the only bag I’ve got made from this magical stuff is my 10L Acre Supply Hauser (which, I should add is awesome) made from Multicam-print VX33. A black Multicam does exist in a heavier weight VX50 which Acre’s big brother Mission Workshop makes use of in their Cobra pack. Good stuff.

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