Cool Stuff. For Dads.


I went a little nuts this year rounding up gifts for super cool dads but I tried to find a good mix of items large and small, cheap and pricey. Father’s day always lands pretty close to my birthday so these collections act as a wish list of sorts for myself. Fancy that.

Top row, left to right, and so on:

Coleman Steel Belted Cooler $110
Unis Gio $198
Vestax Handy Trax $150
Boreas Lost Coast $190

Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier Trail Soap $30
Phigvel Horsehide Key Holder $49
Sunpocket Tobago Tortoise Sunglasses $89
Fairends Camo Cord Ball Cap $48

Paul Component Bottle Opener $20
Eagles Nest Outfitters ProNest Hammock $65
Croakies Landscape Sunglasses Retainer $9
Apolis Khaki Chambray Shorts $138

Porlex Mini Burr Grinder $69
Snow Peak Collapsible Pour Over Coffee Drip $30
Oyo Mountain Products Camp Mug $12
Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket $100


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