Wild Things x Buzz Rickson


Wild Things and Buzz Rickson’s are two brands that I would have never forecasted for collaboration. As you can see by these lookbook photos from Kinoko shot by Tom Fletcher, they work out pretty well together. Buzz Rickson’s specializes in reproduction militaria and Wild Things makes funky outdoor gear. A sort of yin and yang of rugged apparel. The collection includes the fur-trimmed D3-B coat, camo-printed CWU-9P liner jacket, and my favorite: the reversible hooded Primaloft jacket shown in the first image.

* It should be noted that the Wild Things brand mentioned here is the Japanese version of the brand, whereas the Wild Things of North Conway, New Hampshire origin is really a completely different line. The Wild Things of America once produced climbing and outdoor gear but today focuses on technical combat stuff and even holds contracts with the US military.

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