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Giro Terraduro

I’m on my second pair of Giro‘s all-around trail riding Terraduro shoes after riding the hell out of my first pair. In fact, it was really all the walking around that did in the Vibram soles and not so much actual riding. It’s not every day that I need stiff XC-style shoes and the added traction of a true full rubber sole makes my regular hike-a-bike duties far less precarious. The other main feature of the shoe I’m particularly fond of is the stout toe cap because frankly, I’m not the most graceful rider. My pedal strokes often take blows from rocks and logs so that patch of tough material keeps the shoe, and my toes, from being mercifully pounded into oblivion. Sure, at 420 grams at the median 43.5 size they aren’t the lightest trail shoe but they’re stiff enough for spirited riding and will hold up against a whole lot of abuse. Scoop up a pair here or your local Giro dealer.

Side note: the women’s Terradura comes in pretty nice teal and black colorway!

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North Coast Collection



Bay Area brands Mission Workshop and Taylor Stitch join forces for a ten-piece collection of co-branded apparel (and quite likely a bag?) releasing two to three pieces at a time each Thursday in May. With each weekly drop the pieces are made available for pre-sale at a near 20% discount then shipping a couple months after the funding window is complete. Two weeks into the month and the collection is shaping up to be a solid union of Mission Workshop’s technical practicality and Taylor Stitch’s every day casual cool. Take the Loch Shorts for instance- an inseam that’s a good few inches shorter than most baggies but not without convenient zipping side pockets or water-resistant 4-way stretch fabric. Keep a lookout for every new piece here.

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Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook




If you’re interested in cycling and fashion there’s a good chance you’re already aware that British menswear designer Paul Smith is a cycling enthusiast and collector. Smith dives into his archive of jersey’s, photographs, bikes, and all sorts of memorabilia for his new book “Paul Smith’s Cycling Scrapbook” published by Thames & Hudson which will be available mid next month. Thanks for the heads up Tracko! I’m definitely going to be picking up a copy for myself.

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Rapha City




Rapha’s city collection has always been the highlight for me season after season amongst their classic, pro team, and various other collections that the line is divided up into. I am always impressed with the understated design of their on-bike apparel and accessories but there’s something about their ability to bring the same design sensibilities to casual wear that gets me every time. Few cycling brands put as much consideration into their off-bike line of apparel (brand logos slapped onto t-shirts and sweatshirts) but Rapha is constantly pushing their city collection into new territory. The top pick for me has to be the merino zip through– an update of the merino track top I myself own and love from a few seasons back, however the update loses its high collar.

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Ritchey Retro Blue



Nice to see my favorite component company getting together with Endo Customs in Los Angeles to produce some good lookin kit. The design is a new take on what Thomas Frischknecht raced in for Ritchey during the 90’s with much more blue, I like how they staggered the horizontal blocking from the original jersey. Grab the kit directly from Ritchey here, and be sure to check out some great snaps of Frischknecht raing in that original Ritchey here over at Cyclephotos!

*bottom photo by Balint Hamvas

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Team Dream Gradient Machine




Team Dream Bicycling Team knows how to work some gradients. Printed and sewn in Los Angeles by Endo Customs. More gradient goodness here.

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Daily Driver


At this very moment I have six bikes in the house, four of which are 100% built and rideable with the other two in between having parts swapped in and out before getting back out there. Of all these bikes, my cross check is the only one being ridden every single day: to work, to the bar, little errands, all of that. I’ve gone through many, many different set ups between grips, bars, and brake levers but none have been as satisfying and comfortable to ride as where it’s at today.
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Rapha TOC Caps




Rapha is offering a series of Tour of California caps available only at the race stages themselves again after working last year with Delaware-based type foundry House Industries. This collaboration was part of a series of cycling-related projects to promote the release of their then-upcoming font family Velo Serif. Continuing again in 2015 Rapha reached out to Colophon to design their ten-stage set of caps, each with their own fun colorways and patterns. Read more from the designers here.

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