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Water Safety



Can’t win them all..

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The Lively Morgue

The above images are scans from the backsides of photographs in the New York Times’ photo archive posted on their new photo blog titled The Lively Morgue. Printed, stamped, and scribbled on the rear of the photos are records of publishing dates, captions, and other internal notes. The blog does post the front of the photograph incase you were wondering, but I found the backsides equally interesting as the life of the image within the Times can be traced through these notes. A full explanation of the backside notes can be found on the bottom of this page of the blog.

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Matt, author of The William Brown Project, made quite a find in New Hampshire with this WWII USN footlocker filled with personal gear. Extra buttons, personal stencils, chewing gum, correspondence, and of course the clothes- caps, shirts, and a thick turtleneck sweater. Matt is currently looking for a buyer; I myself am not a dedicated enough militaria collector and prefer to get lucky here and there. Check out more details of the contents here.

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Scenes from Brimfield

So much to see, so little time.. and I’ve been told that July was the smallest show of the year!? This is only a tiny sampling of what I saw at Brimfield. It was interesting to see how some merchants took their time to present their goods while others just had tables strewn with junk, and some who made a point to put out no photography signs. Keep a close eye on my photo blog for a some extra photographs that will be surfacing in the near future. Hoping to be able to make it out to the September show..

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USAAF Collector

While digging around for some specific military items I stumbled onto the flickr page of a collector who’s put together these role-specific kits made out of his collection. Check out the rest here in addition to other well presented pieces from his collection, such as these bomber jackets.

Suggested reading: Military Show:PA at The William Brown Project


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eBay Report

Just some stuff that’s caught my eye, also check out this quarter-million-dollar military gear collection that’s for sale. Brimfield report coming up by the way..

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Post O’Alls

Post Overalls

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Union Made

Current offering from ebay store purple1p1ctureman.

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