The Townie

Maybe you value comfort and class over speed and high performance parts. Thats ok, here are some parts and accessories that are essential to the townie bike. Combine them with a relaxed geometry frame and a single or three-speed drive train, perhaps a coaster brake for easy and fun braking. Details and links after the jump.


Bars: Velo Orange Porteur
Bell: brass japanese bell
Headlight: Pyramid Bullet
Saddle: Brooks B67
Saddle Bag: Brooks Glenbrook
Rack: Cetma CTR
Clips: MKS leathered clip
Mudflap: Berthoud mudflap


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3 responses to “The Townie

  1. Great idea on those bars, super affordable and I bet run circles around the Wald crap. Love that rack as well, looks bombproof.

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