Duck Season/Rabbit Season

Whether you side with Daffy Duck or Bugs Bunny these pieces are appropriate for your hunting season. For the record, I am on Bugs’ side.

looks_duckseasonJacket Filson
Shirt LL Bean
LL Bean
Hat Stormy Kromer
Backpack Jansport Heritage
Gloves Fox River
Chukkas Red Wing


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5 responses to “Duck Season/Rabbit Season

  1. Geoffrey KixMiller

    you didn’t put this together did you?

  2. Tom

    boy, you better tighten that up if you’re really going hunting… need some waterproof pants, waterproof boots, and an orange hat. wouldn’t want you to end up cold, wet, and shot! great look tho.

  3. Tom

    Rockin. The blaze does look a bit.. conspicuous on the street. PS love that Filson, wish they made it with some crazy 24 oz wool liner…


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