Philadelphia & The Law

Two bills will be introduced into City Council on Thursday Councilman DiCicco will be introducing a bill would require registration of all bicycles owned by persons 12 and older. Councilman Kenney’s bill will raise the fines of sidewalk riding from $50 (which was already raised from $10 in June), and for wearing headphones from $50-$100 dollars to $100-$300 and for bicyclists without brakes face a $1000 fine or confiscation of the bike.

These bills will be first read and sent to committee, which will hold hearings at a later date. Council seems willing and able to listen to our concerns and these bills will most likely be amended before being brought to the hearing.

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia

Not to mention the proposed $20 registration of all bicycles in the city. Are “scofflaw” bicyclists going to be caught because of some tiny registration number? Are police going to actually pursue stolen bikes? Nope, nope, and nope. Am I really going to get pulled over by a fat bike cop? Catch me if you can. I leave you with this…

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