my next build

I’ve been contemplating building a townie bike for some time now, the closest I got was swapping out my bullhorns for a set of porteur bars but the geometry of a track frame still isn’t quite relaxed enough. The other day I happened across a seemingly true 700c wheel on the sidewalk with a shimano coaster hub. Luck! I’ve been browsing local used bike shops (via bike!) for the right parts and light lugged frame. Above are a couple bikes I happened across that are giving me some ideas of what to do with my next build.

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  1. newgrass

    I absolutely love these bikes. I’m not enough of a bike guy to get into builds (too many hobbies already, but would love to), but I just got myself a Linus that I’m loving.

    p.s. thanks for the link. The favor is repaid. Haven’t come across your blog till now but love everything that’s on here.

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