A Swift Boot

So, I’m looking for a pair of hiking boots and I’m between (left to right, top to bottom) the Vasque Sundowner, Merrell Wilderness, Limmer midweight, and Danner Mountainlight II. Right now I’m leaning towards the Limmer’s because they custom make their boots by the unique shape of each person’s foot and chances are I won’t be able to try on any of the other boots before I buy them. Decisions..


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8 responses to “A Swift Boot

  1. newgrass

    Based solely on aesthetics, the Mountain Light II’s are probably the best looking hiking boots I’ve seen. I’m sure the quality/comfort is top notch as well. Getting a pair of custom made shoes would be amazing though. Do these all compare price wise?

    • Bob

      The Vasque’s are pretty affordable ($150) while the Danner and Merrell boots are pricier ($250) leaving the custom Limmer boots starting at $300 with extras like extra-cushioned foot beds and tongues.

  2. Alan

    I have a pair of the Merrell’s and they are just ok. My next pair of boots, I’m currently wearing a pair of Asolo’s, will be the non-custom Limmers. You can buy Limmers off the shelf as well and you won’t have to wait so long. The Danners are fine but I believe they have gore tex in the boots and I’m not a fan. Take a look at the Alico brand from Sierra Trading Post for a traditional boot.

    • Bob

      How do off the shelf Limmer’s compare pricewise to mailorder? Thanks for your insight!

      • Alan

        Hi, forgot to check back. I’m not certain how much less the off-the-shelf Limmers cost versus custom but there must be a noticable savings. Also, you don’t have to wait so long to get a pair. My Asolo’s are nice and do not have a gore tex lining. Limmers and Alicos are leather lined which make for a much more comfortable boot, though they will be heavier and dry slower.

  3. I own the Danner Mountain Light II and I have nothing bad to say about them (unless you are weight weenie). Coupled with some nice gaiters/crampons I wear them year round for backpacking.

    I also suggest checking out Alico and Gronell boots.

  4. Alico Summits have a leather lining are they seem pretty nice. I just got them. The Alico Tahoes I ordered I believe have Cambrelle linings.
    Cambrelle is fabric, not leather.


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