mission accomplished: yuketen

thought i’d get myself a birthday present, thanks art in the age


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5 responses to “mission accomplished: yuketen

  1. My boyfriend has these same shoes. He absolutely loves them (and gets complimented on them all the time!). You’re going to have a long and fruitful relationship with them.

  2. How you finding the Yuketens? I picked up a pair of the Sports Chukkas about the same time as you and to be honest was a little disappointed by the overall quality – sole doesn’t seemed to be glued too well.
    BTW, like the chair their sat on in the pic.

    • Bob

      I would sum up the quality as “pretty good.” Obviously they’re nice and handmade but they really don’t hold a flame to my Quoddy’s! If i could turn back time (or make a return) I would have opted to get another pair of Quoddy’s without question.

      The chair was a former lab chair from a university in Maryland, part of a pair.

  3. Yep, I’d agree, Quoddy’s do seem just that bit more substantial. Although for the money (and I could be pissin’ in the wind here) I personally don’t think you can beat Red Wings.
    Anyways, that’s a lot of shoe talk.
    Thanks for the reply and good to hear back from you. atb


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