Purple Label Packs

Yes, Japan really does get all the good stuff.. I stumbled onto these bags from a Japanese shop blog called Wonder Mountain which is chocked full of gear that’s just out of reach. North Face has a line known as Purple Label (for obvious reasons) that releases all sorts of gear aimed at the street wear folks combining crazy fabrics and patterns with old school mountain design. Check out their web shop for more Purple Label gear you might want but can’t touch, that is unless I am addressing a Japanese reader (if this is the case you should probably email me asap)


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6 responses to “Purple Label Packs

  1. Thanks for the blog tip, can’t get enough . . .

  2. Tom

    The flower patterns look like Northface meets Lilly Pulitzer. I like the Native American pattern too–it reminds me of what Penfield was putting out last winter.

    Good stuff man.

  3. ugh, way unfair. they are way $$$ too.


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