Bilenky Cycle Works

Bilenky is a local builder that does it all: track, cross, rando, porteur, road, couplers, and especially well noted for their tandems. Pictured is Stephen Bilenky himself with one of the biggest head tubes I’ve ever seen in my life and a beard that channels Sheldon Brown’s spirit. Stephen is the man behind the first and upcoming Philadelphia Bike Expo on Halloween weekend which I’m pretty excited about because there’s bound to be some good rides and races to take part in as well loads of great vendor booths.

See more of Bilenky’s creations and shenanigans on their flickr.


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2 responses to “Bilenky Cycle Works

  1. Ben

    Great builder! What kind of races are going on that weekend?

    • Bob

      im not sure yet but every city tends to have their own halloween alleycat and this event should ensure good numbers.


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