I acquired this old pair of Danner boots from Tepei in the fall and have since cleaned them up a bit and thrown on a new pair of Sierra boot laces. The Vibram Montagna outsoles (though they now come with a Kletterlift outsole) had a good deal of life in them when they came into my possession and still do today after regular wear and some light hikes.. hope to see these boots hold up for years to come.

Danner – Mountain Light II
A Restless Transplant – Danner Mountain Light II
Archival Clothing – Danner Factory Store Revisited



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6 responses to “Danner

  1. newgrass

    Those are looking nice! I’m glad you’re getting some use out of them. I was so bummed when they didn’t fit me. What have you been using to condition them?

    • Bob

      i treated the leather with a Red Wing mink oil that’s also got silicone in it for waterproofing, good stuff.

      • newgrass

        Oh nice. Mink oil is my go-to for leather treatment. I’ve used it for years and love the richness it gives leather. The silicone sounds sweet though…I might have to pick some of that up.

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