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Strawfoot Roll-Top Tote


This past Summer Garett of Strawfoot Handmade made me one of his roll-top tote’s which at the time he had just started producing regularly. I was looking for a bag to throw in my Gamoh porteur rack and this seemed like the perfect bag for the job due to it’s size, durability, and water-proof properties inherited from the waxed canvas. Since the bag is mostly carried by bike the vegetable tanned leather is taking a little while to darken but it’ll come in due time. Continue reading

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Boot Season






All of a sudden everywhere you go the beer’s got pumpkin in it, the donuts are filled with cider, and then just like that the mercury drops down to a sensible temperature. Summer’s great and all but I’m pretty pumped to put on some sturdy footwear after wearing plimsolls sans socks for the past few months. Pictured are my go-to boots from Danner, Red Wing, Vasque, and Yuketen.

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The Shop

Recently I opened up a little web shop to sell some things I’ve accumulated over time that I no longer use/wear, check it out here.

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Three Caps

The onset of spring means I get to wear hats that don’t have to cover my ears and I am excited to start wearing these caps regularly. The first is a collaboration between Tracko and Yanco made from a medium weight Pendleton wool so it’ll be a good transitional cap. The ball cap is made by FairEnds for Hickoree’s and the tweed camp cap also made by FairEnds– a collaboration with James from Secret Forts. Unfortunately both the Pendleton cycling cap and Tweed camp cap were limited runs but the ball caps (in more great colorways!) are for sale at Hickoree’s.

All American made goods 

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I have quite a few parkas hanging up at home but chose to highlight these two because of the fact that they’re lined, the Holubar with wool and the Penfield with what seems to be cotton. Both are made from a 60/40 cotton-nylon fabric pioneered by Sierra Designs in their parkas- also in my parka stash but I think you’ve probably seen enough pictures of those if you frequent blogs like this one.  Continue reading


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I’ve been looking around on ebay for a pair of Italian made Vasque’s for a little while now- they’re currently being made in China and I’ve heard enough negative feedback to even consider buying a new pair, especially since the msrp is at $180. Sure these are a little bit beat up but they’re miles from retirement, I just reconditioned the leather and threw on some laces I had around.. who wants to wear pristine boots anyways?

Suggested reading: Danner


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The Burning House

Big ups to Foster for starting this project, I’m impressed with how fast it took off. My selection as follows: my North Face pack, Barbour Bedale, Contax T2, box of most recent negatives (going back about 4 years), my cat Williams, and the indian blanket. For more entires and information about the project visit The Burning House.


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A gift from my new sponsor Countyline General. Clips right onto any zipper pull for the unexpected shower.. taped seams, nifty zippers, and all that good stuff.


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