ready for the wood

I always had a strong feeling that the author of my favorite blog was some sort of amazing creative person and sure enough Ricky Swallow, who runs Ready for the House, makes some really amazing sculptures carved from Jelutong wood.


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7 responses to “ready for the wood

  1. alan

    A carving of an original Rivendell Jensen, you’ve got to love it. I always felt the pack itself is art meeting function.

  2. alan

    The reincarnated Rivendell is every bit as good as the original. I own both original and modern Jensens as well as the new daypacks. I think the world of the pack and commend Eric for the job he is doing to keep the packs in circulation.

  3. alan

    The wood carving pack is of the very original design. Sometime in the mid to late 1970’s the Jensen was changed to the barbell style leather patches and the zipper opening was moved to the side with the shoulder straps. Eric’s reincarnated packs use the later design. I don’t recall exactly when Rivendell changed the design. I have two Rivendell catalogs, around 1978-1980 and by then the design chages had been made.


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