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McFetridge Studio Visit



It’s Nice That visits the studio of Geoff McFetridge for the Spring Summer 2013 issue of Printed Pages. More snaps at hypebeast and available for sale through Company of Parrots.

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From the Flat Files

Some time ago I had the opportunity to flip through Paul Sahre‘s flat files in his Chelsea studio. It was a pretty interesting collection ranging from work by friends, his own work, and a bit of everything else in between. Sahre’s blog From the Flat Files gives everyone a chance to take a look at what he’s got stashed away, highly recommended.


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Around Us & Between Us

2×2 and Handlebars by Geoff Mcfetridge from his exhibition Around Us & Between Us on view at Ivory and Black in London. Hear what Geoff has to say about his work in this nicely produced video about the show.

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Beloved Cycles

Fine bikes from Oregon-based Beloved Cycles in both ink and steel form; pictured above are the There and Back and No Haste frames. Beloved also offers some pretty handsome co-branded complete builds with Rapha, Mellow Johnny’s, and Jack Spade which is my personal favorite- you can never go wrong with a cream porteur.

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Hoggan’s Custom Leather & Canvas

Hoggan’s is a little company based out of Rupert, Idaho that has been making bags, packs, pouches, tents, and pretty much everything else under the sun for over 100 years. I was mostly drawn to these little illustratons of their packs on their web catalog; since almost everything they make is custom not every product has an example in photographic form. Perhaps this is what the Campmor catalog would look like if they hired David Shrigley? (found via CarryWare)

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Gant Rugger Illustrated

I posted some of Andrew Mashanov‘s menswear inspired illustrations last winter and am happy to see that he’s getting some recognition. Gant Rugger had Andrew illustrate 18 of their seasonal looks and will be posting them daily on their site. In my opinion the illustrations stand well on their own and the model’s facial expressions weird me out. If you don’t feel like waiting to see the rest the whole series can be seen here.

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The 1993 Bridgestone Bicycle Catalog

For better or for worse, they certainly don’t make bike catalogs like this anymore. Illustrated by George Retseck during the Grant Peterson, currently Rivendell Bicycle Works, years the catalog does feature some photographs here and there but is largely full of detailed illustrations of bikes and parts. The catalog is not limited to merely “stuff you can buy” but is supplemented by articles on how frame geometry works, wool jerseys, hybrid bikes, and an enlightening piece about being old school on page 14– highly recommended. Appropriately enough there’s even a four page article on Daniel Rebour, the famous (to the cycling obsessed, at least) technical cycling illustrator.

Some words from Grant Peterson on the catalogs:

I always liked working on our catalogs. From the ’80s to ’91, Bridgestone had decent catalogs. I thought they were great, but one day a friend sent me a copy of an Eagle Bicycle catalog from 1890, with a note saying “Now this is a catalog!” He was right, and I was ashamed, envious, and challenged.

I’m a catalog hound. I’ve saved every good one I’ve ever received. I went back through them all — the ’72-’74 Chouinard (climbing equipment), the late ’70s Rivendell Mountain Works, the old Paul Young and Winston fly rod catalogs. They were publications you could read and learn from, and want to keep. But mostly I liked the tone: sparse and respectful, not in your face. I tried to copy this.

from “An epitaph for Bridgestone” Bicycling, June 1994

Flip through the catalog in its entirety as well as nine other complete Bridgestone catalogs over at Sheldon Brown.

suggested reading: The Rivendell’s


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Pica Post

Illustrations by Ben Lamb appearing in issue #2 of Pica~Post, a 32 page publication put out by Oi Polloi. Getting me pumped to wear parka’s and sweaters (jumpers?) once again. Flip through the whole thing here.

Suggested reading: Ben Lamb



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