Garry’s M4

I stumbled onto these pictures of Garry Winogrand’s Leica through a camera dealer’s website- talk about patina. Upon close inspection you can see exactly where his palm and fingers came in contact with the body throughout his life as a photographer. Even more impressive is the impression of film sprockets on the pressure plate- in layman’s terms: he shot a lot of film.

Cameraquest: Leica M4 Garry Winogrand
Garry Winogrand: Women Are Beautiful
Getty Museum: Garry Winogrand


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4 responses to “Garry’s M4

  1. Like your blog …

    good stuff

    • Bob

      i’ve been watching yours for some time, thanks for the plug! are you also the photographer of all the photos on redwing1905?

  2. “…in layman’s terms: he shot a lot of film.” I love this post.

  3. TK

    this is so cool. great post.

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