Filson & Film

A good camera bag is hard to come by and personally I’ve never really found or owned one I particularly liked very much. Why not just turn a good bag into a good camera bag with a help of a padded insert or do it yourself?

From top to bottom: Filson #257, #240, and #266.


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9 responses to “Filson & Film

  1. Joe

    I totally agree, I carry my SLR bike riding and hiking. So I made an insert out of waterproof material and lined it with fleece.
    Here are some pics:


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  3. This is a fantastic idea. I finally broke down and purchased a butt-ugly Crumpler bag b/c I had to have the padded inserts.

  4. I did the same thing out of a big purse I had. Now when I walk around the City I just look like I am carrying a purse but it holds my SLR and 4 lenses.

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