Cross Fan

Photographs by Chris Milliman whom you might recognize for his newsprint zine Home and Away that he did for Freeman Transport last spring. These photos were taken in Flanders, a region located in present day France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, well known for its love of cyclocross. Cyclocross is certainly more of an exciting spectator sport (to me) than road racing where you simply stake out a spot and wait for the peloton to pass by- though you can’t really tell if these fans are having much fun or are just standing around getting pissed (and then peeing on things). Read on for a cross fan kit..

Chris Milliman – Drink Smoke
Freeman Transport – Home and Away

Wigens Harris Tweed cap
Barbour Beaufort jacket
Orvis umbrella
brass cowbell
Chimay Grand Reserve ale
Woolrich Woolen Mills trousers
Hunter Wellington boots or these!

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