After soaking up as many tips I could from blogs, videos, and printed material from Thornproof I decided I was ready to take on the job of reproofing my Bedale. The jacket had gotten pretty dry and there were only a few noticeably ‘slick’ spots left so I decided it was about time to revive it.

I’m really pleased with the outcome; I’m not sure how much better off I’d be if I had sent it out. Perhaps a professional reproofing would last longer but we’ll see how mine holds up.


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4 responses to “Thornproofed

  1. @matthewb

    i tried this on my 8 year old barbour last year. good results, but didn’t hold all that well this year. planning on sending it in to barbour this summer for water/thorn proofing and exterior hole stitching.

  2. Great work, looks like you took the time to do it right, I’m impressed.

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