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Newbaum’s Cotton Tape

Leather tape is expensive and foam tape is too spongey for me; I like cotton tape because it’s strong, cheap, and just plain feels good on the hands. Newbaum’s is a relatively new company offering bar tape (and soon rim tape) in a great selection of colors cut and dyed, with eco-friendly dyes, here in Philadelphia. Keep reading for a (mostly) step-by-step pictoral.

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After soaking up as many tips I could from blogs, videos, and printed material from Thornproof I decided I was ready to take on the job of reproofing my Bedale. The jacket had gotten pretty dry and there were only a few¬†noticeably¬†‘slick’ spots left so I decided it was about time to revive it.

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Lace a Brooks Saddle

When the leather starts to sag and give less support than it used to then it’s time to tighten it back up by lacing the sidewalls.

1. Measure the holes evenly (or somewhat close to) and drill both sides about a quarter of an inch from the edge. The size of the holes really depends on what kind of laces you intend on using. Six or eight should do- don’t drill an odd number of holes unless you want to tie off on the outside of the saddle!

2. I’ve seen people do some intricate lacing but whatever gets the job done. Certain areas can be tightened different to your preference.

3. Knot the ends or do something fancy to your liking.

4. Keep riding for another five years and then think about getting a new one.

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