Field Test: Topo Designs Sling Pack

This pack first peaked my interest when I saw a prototype pop up on the Topo blog back in March. After talking about the pack with Jedd and Mark for a little while they sent me a near-final iteration of the prototype that’s very similar to the sling pack they’re now offering- the only difference was the addition of a stabilizing strap in the final design.

I’ve been using the pack at least a few days a week since August, filling the gap between my tiny laptop bag and larger git-r-done packs. The size is perfect for carrying a 15″ laptop, an extra layer of clothing, and some small odds and ends. The padded back and wide strap make for a really comfortable wear; note the D-rings on both lower corners for switching the strap to your preferred shoulder. 1000 denier cordura strong with a coated lining, made in Colorado. Check out the Sling Pack and Topo’s other packs on their site: Topo Designs


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8 responses to “Field Test: Topo Designs Sling Pack

  1. definethenew

    Bob, did you find that you could fit a laptop into the largest interior pocked (against the back of the bag) or will it only fit in main compartment?

    • Bob

      It’s intended for an iPad, I have a 15″ laptop so it’s too large to fit in the pocket. Perhaps a 13″ Macbook Air or even Pro would fit?

      • definethenew

        Thanks! Hoping to get a 13″ Pro in there, but if not, at least it will fit in the main compartment.

  2. Mason

    After extended use – do you recommend this bag? I carry a chrome messenger and wanted something different, but am concerned I’d be giving up too much room due to the dimensions. Typically carry an ipad and some books and notebooks. Thanks.

    • Bob

      I do recommend this bag, it may not look huge but it certainly can pack in a fair amount of stuff and it wears very well. It’s a small/medium sized daypack, but by no means does it rival the space of good messenger bag: a medium Chrome’s volume is 26 liters, the Topo sling is 15.7 liters. I still use other large bags on certain days when I know I’ll need them but I use this one to fit the following on a regular basis: hand pump and tool roll, mini u-lock and 4′ leash, 15″ laptop, and sometimes an extra layer of clothing. The main compartment carries only my laptop so there’s still plenty of room for whatever else that needs to be carried.

  3. Mason

    Thanks! I appreciate the help.

  4. Justs tumbled on this review – I own one of these and use it as my only bag for longer (4-5 day) business trips. The laptop/tablet slot in back is awesome, but the biggest laptop it’ll hold is an 11″ Air – which is perfect for me.


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