I’ve been looking around on ebay for a pair of Italian made Vasque’s for a little while now- they’re currently being made in China and I’ve heard enough negative feedback to even consider buying a new pair, especially since the msrp is at $180. Sure these are a little bit beat up but they’re miles from retirement, I just reconditioned the leather and threw on some laces I had around.. who wants to wear pristine boots anyways?

Suggested reading: Danner


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13 responses to “Sundowner

  1. You might like the LL Bean Cresta. Italian made. Same price point.

  2. Hey — nice find. I have a real question: how do you condition/recondition the boot leather? (Does it make them water ‘resistant’ for fall/winter wear?) Thanks a lot. Your blog is still the tits.

    • Bob

      There’s Obenauf, mink oil, but my go-to is Red Wing’s mink oil and conditioner. The silicone does a great job of waterproofing and the oil reconditions the leather, I’ve been using the same tin of the stuff for over two years on all my boots.

  3. Bob, how’s the fit on these? Are they true to size? I’ve been looking for a pair of Danner Boots on ebay without luck, and i could use a beat up pair of hiking boots like these, awesome.

    • Bob

      They’re really not, actually. I was given a pair of old Vasque boots before (older suede model, Italian made as well) that fit a half size too small so I took that into consideration. Size up a half size, as weird as that sounds for boots!

  4. Dave

    just scored a pair of vintage red wings, almost new, on ebay the other day. medium brown chukkers, amazingly nice. gotta misspell the title of what you want, deals all day.

  5. Those are a wonderful additive to the arsenal.. I have very dear Friend from Italy that turned me on to Vasque back in the early 90’s and of course as the natural progression of BOOT smarts happen I grew to very fond of REDWING.. These two are worlds apart but very similar in durability..

    Great post.. and again great find..

  6. mat

    they look amazing

  7. ryan

    Great photos! Just stumbled on a pair of these in my size at a vintage shop. Pulled the trigger at $20 CDN. Feeling good about it.

  8. John

    I have a pair I’ve had since I was 17 (33 now). Mine are looking a little more rough than those… ok a lot. The inner leather around the ankle has broken away from the inner lining in the right boot and starting to in the left. The outer leather is well worn from a summer when I framed houses in them, but those boots still fit like a dream. They’re still water proof and as long as they get the job done I’m keeping them.

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