Barber Stripe

I first noticed barber pole style stripes painted on the seat tubes of Mercian‘s (not to be confused with the once-French Cycles Mercier) but have come across the same playful treatment applied to Bob Jackson‘s upon looking for a new touring frame that actually fits me- unlike my current frame. With both Mercian and Bob Jackson being long established English builders, 1946 and 1935 respectively, I imagine the style originates from England. I’d be interested to hear if any readers might have any insight into the provenance of the whimsical paint job.


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2 responses to “Barber Stripe

  1. My Bob Jackson does not have the striped paint job on the seat tube and is not the World Tour (the model I believe you’re eyeing). However, I wanted to comment that I am more than happy with my Olympus Road frameset. I bought it several years ago (the price has gone up a bit) and I have ridden it on the gnarliest dirt roads of VT, MA and CT (including D2R2) and it has been wonderful.

    • Bob

      It’s an extra option, but I am in fact considering an ‘off-the-peg’ World Tour model. Badass for riding the D2R2!


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