Outlier Three Way Shorts


After receiving a pair of Outlier‘s Three Way Shorts late last summer they had quickly become my go-to short on hot summer days, especially on those days when I’m biking around town and working up a sweat. Thanks to the magical properties of the Schoeller fabric, the same used in my Climber pants, the shorts breathe extraordinarily well in addition to repelling water should you get caught in a summer storm. That’s not to say the fabric is waterproof but should they get wet enough to absorb water the drying time is very short, especially compared to any chino shorts I’m used to wearing all summer. Dealing with truly brutal summer heat? Try the Ultralight Shorts.



The cut of the short itself is perfect and not overly balloon-y like many shorts feel to me. Designed for movement  you’ll never feel constricted while swimming, biking, hiking, and anything else you can throw at it. The shorts also come in a longer cut, the Three Way Longs, as well as an even shorter cut that Outlier calls the Three Way Trunks. The inseams measure 5″, 8.5″, and 11.5″ depending on what you’re most comfortable with wearing.

Ample sized pockets are made from a combination of soft breathable Supplex and a mesh panel to let water to drain if you feel like taking a dip. The hidden drawstring is a really nice feature that lets belt-free wear come with ease, but if you really don’t care for it dangling around you could always just pull it out.


Great job Outlier, can’t wait to see what else you’ll come up with..

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