Field Test: Outlier Climber Pants

I’ve been wearing these pants nearly every day for the past couple weeks while commuting rain or shine and they’ve being living up to every expectation that I’ve had for them. Lucky for this test the past week was filled with showers that I gladly rode through- the pants were not stuck under a faucet in order to report water repellency as you may have seen in other gear reviews. Photos by Chris Leaman.

The fit: Very slim upon first putting them on but after wearing them for a few days they loosened up to an ideal fit that was the perfect amount of skinny that you’d want in a pant for riding. The construction of the pants allow you to stretch a leg over a top tube with ease which is one of the most annoying parts about wearing [raw] denim when riding a bike.

The fabric: I’ll admit it was a strange adjustment for me to wear something that wasn’t a pair of denim or chinos but I got used to the feel of the trademark Outlier 4Season fabric. As for water repellency, this is where these pants really excel. On days with light rain water would more or less just roll off the pant leaving me totally dry showing up to work. In heavier rain the water would roll off for a short while but then start getting damp. Still, when I showed up somewhere damp from heavy rain the pants dried out within 10 to 15 minutes whereas a pair of cotton pants would stay wet for far longer. Perhaps the single most impressive test was the accidental spilling of an entire alcoholic beverage onto my lap just this past weekend, I was only slightly wet and within a couple minutes I was bone dry.

Many thanks to Outlier (and Emiliano!) for giving me the opportunity to try their awesome product and Chris for taking the photos.


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12 responses to “Field Test: Outlier Climber Pants

  1. Erm,

    The adjustment of those rear brakes gives me the eyesore. You’d be much better served to bring the pads into the calipers, which could then swing up to a muuuuch more efficient position. Full stop.

    • Bob

      Yep, you can tell I’m having some issues with them. A local shop owner attributed it to the 700c wheels on a 27″ frame so I’m likely going to be replacing them soon if I can’t get them to fit right. Another part of the problem is the design of the arms- way below the brake post which is rubbing against the straddle wire no matter which set up I’ve used.

  2. I’m wearing those same shoes. The denim Vans. Not the brake shoes.

  3. Oh.
    A long slot to adjust pad height in the caliper will mitigate that some. Paul’s cantis are good like that. Tektro CR720s have some adjust, too- and they’re inexpensively stylish.

  4. That pants and shoes really caught my eyes. Nice combination. I just checked the price since the pants look really good and they are way out of my range.

    • Bob

      If you’re looking for normal looking cycling-specific pants Levi’s has a pair of jeans (in indigo and khaki colored denim) for $78. Can’t say how well they ride but I’ve heard mostly good things.

  5. Funny, Tyler and I had a conversation a few years back while we both worked at a shop in NYC.. The conversation basically consisted of changing the way people looked at and wore cycling clothing… And I am super proud to say that Tyler and his company has done just that… Good work… Foster –

  6. David

    Are these the black? or the Slate gray?

    These look like awesome pants!

  7. mat

    everything looks and sounds good about these

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