Topo Designs Fleece


Jedd from Topo Designs sent over one of their fleece jackets at the tail end of last winter and I’ve been excited to make it a part of my regular outerwear rotation this year. I couldn’t help but notice how well the red and yellow placket trim went with my FairEnds livery so I expect that it’ll be a go-to jacket for both warm-ups and post-race hanging this cross season.

Anyone that’s ever owned a classic Snap-T will be quick to make the comparison but there’s a fair amount of features that set it apart: ribbed cuffs and collar, heavier fleece, a sizable zip chest pocket, reinforced elbow/forearms, and a nice trim fit with raglan sleeves for movement. Sadly Topo no longer produces the fleece in the same multi-colorways as last season but they’re doing them in some nice solids this year that I’m sure many will find a bit easier to wear.

cache_560_600_0__100_topo_designs_fleece_aqua cache_560_600_0__100_topo_designs_fleece_navy cache_560_600_0__100_topo_designs_fleece_coyote

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