Boot Season






All of a sudden everywhere you go the beer’s got pumpkin in it, the donuts are filled with cider, and then just like that the mercury drops down to a sensible temperature. Summer’s great and all but I’m pretty pumped to put on some sturdy footwear after wearing plimsolls sans socks for the past few months. Pictured are my go-to boots from Danner, Red Wing, Vasque, and Yuketen.

The white Vibram christy sole has been ubiquitous for the past couple Fall and Winter seasons with good reason, they’re comfortable as hell and they look pretty damn good on most silhouettes. That’s not to say I don’t like a good lugged sole for outings on less than smooth terrain but for city walking the christy can’t be beat. It’s worth noting that the gumlite sole on my Mountain Light Trail’s (pictured second to top) sport a super light lugged sole that are comparable in weight and comfort but with some added grip.

Suggested viewing: The Red Wing Video Series goes into great detail to show exactly what goes into putting together a pair of their boots, superbly filmed too.


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4 responses to “Boot Season

  1. Those Tramlines…man. I’m up between those and Vertigo’s for this Fall’s boot addition.

  2. As much as I enjoy wearing flippy-floppies day in and day out, there’s something comforting about a well worn pair of brown boots. Quite the collection you’ve got going. Enjoyed the alternating selection of soles.

  3. Thanks to this post I now find myself with an urge to buy some new boots. Damnit.


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