Thorough Stitch Pop-Over



Thorough Stitch is a fairly new line designed and constructed in New York City consisting of pop-over shirts and chino’s in a variety of classic fabrics with more to come. The lines’ owner Chad mentions some exciting pieces to come for Fall including a Harris Tweed CPO which I’m certain will be nothing short of brilliant– poke around a little more around the Instagram feed and you’ll find some other promising pieces. Thorough Stitch cites classic American menswear as a starting point for their designs as many others have before them, but without coming off as trite and boringly Trad/Ivy/etc.


The fit of their shirt is described as “not baggy, or sloppy, but just easy and relaxed fitting” which I wholeheartedly agree with- the chambray pop-over Chad sent over is now one of the best fitting shirts in my closet. Solid details run throughout  the shirt: double-needle stitching, olive military buttons, flap pockets with a single pen slot, and of course the unique shawl collar- can’t say I’ve come across many shirts with a shawl collar.




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2 responses to “Thorough Stitch Pop-Over

  1. Thanks for the kind words! The pics look great and the fit is spot on. Glad it worked out for you.

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